Catacomb Calaveras by Sherry Matthews

Oct 30, 2018 | Free Projects, Video tutorial

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Create your own gloriously creepy catacomb!

In 1578, underground tombs containing the remains of thousands of Christian martyrs were discovered in Rome.

In an effort to replace holy relics that were destroyed during the Protestant Reformation, many of those skeletons were sent to Catholic churches in Europe where they were carefully enshrined in jewels and crowns, gold lace and armour, as an earthly reminder of the treasures of the afterlife. Those beautifully macabre remains were my inspiration for this piece.


  • Relics & Artifacts: Ancient Soul Set, Bohemian Jewels, Ostensorium, Dresden Trim – Daisy Chain Large Gold, Gold Crown
  • Kroma Crackle
  • Frank Garcia’s Memory Hardware powders: Vauserroux, Parthenay
  • E6000 (strong, clear adhesive)
  • Baroque Art Gilder’s Paste: Silver, German Silver, Antique Gold
  • Golden: Crackle Paste
  • Galeria: Heavy Carvable Modelling Paste
  • That’s Crafty Dinky Stencil: Moroccan
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Scrap of velvet fabric
  • Salvaged jewellery
  • Small rhinestones (the kind used in fingernail art)

Video tutorial – part one

Video tutorial – part two

Meet the author

Sherry Westfall Matthews

Sherry Westfall Matthews

Sherry is a mixed media designer who lives and creates, with the support of her husband, kids, dogs and cat, in Anniston, Alabama. She serves as a brand ambassador for Sandra Evertson’s Relics & Artifacts and is on the design team for Retro Cafe Art. See her work on her blog and in the Relics & Artifacts Tribe on Facebook.



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