Merry Grinchmas….

Nov 10, 2018 | Musings

Yes it’s true. I am the Grinch….

I was in two minds about this post, maybe it’s a bit too brutally honest. But people keep telling me to let my personality out! So I am. Apologies in advance!

Anyone who knows me knows that I dislike Christmas quite a lot….. I didn’t as a child, but nowadays it feels like a fat ton of stress and failure to meet expectation. Although I have to admit that I quite like presents, and sherry, and cake… the run up to the ‘big day’ does not make me a happy bunny….

But there’s something I dislike even more than Christmas prep – and that’s Christmas crafting. This week (and for some of the rest of November) we have some truly amazing seasonal projects from the DT – but you won’t find any contributions from me! Although I am reluctantly feeling somewhat inspired……….

Proof that I do actually make Christmas stuff sometimes. Although I had to go back to 2016 to find it. And it was a DT piece…….

So why I am such a bloody misery? Here are 8 perfectly good reasons! πŸ˜‰

1) Expectations: you’re a crafter, ergo you must make cards (because that’s what ALL crafters in the world do, right?). Anything less than an individual handcrafted card for everyone you even vaguely know makes you a total failure.

2) Ingrates 1: you make said cards/gifts and the reaction is a shrug and into the garbage it goes…

3) Ingrates 2: youΒ don’tΒ make said cards/gifts and this means you don’t love someone enough to make them something special…

4) Snowmen – in JULY?! Just no…….: I am firmly of the ‘Christmas starts in December’ clan but in the craft industry planning for Christmas starts in spring and most product releases are done and dusted by late summer. I really, really don’t want to see Santa in July! Summer in Britain lasts about 3 hours and said 3 hours should not be spent thinking about snow.

5) 12 days on a shelf, 353 days in a box: you spend hours and hours making the most beautiful Christmas decor and then it spends almost its entire life in a box in the garage. By the time you get it out next year its been squashed under a box of lights and is looking rather sad and bedraggled.

6) Glitter: glitter (or as I call it, the devil’s spawn) appears to be an obligatory ingredient in EVERY Christmas project ever. I hate glitter. Glitter is quite literally evil. It gets EVERYWHERE. It’s in my hair, it’s on the dog, it’s on every damn project I make for the next 6 months! And frankly I am far too bad tempered to be sparkly….

7) Mixed media ‘weirdness’: how do you reconcile your desire to create weird and wonderful stuff made with chunky mediums and old tat with most people’s Christmassy expectations? Make a pretty card with a snowman on it (and, let’s face it, probably glitter) and feel your artistic style is compromised; make a mixed media masterpiece and risk the recipient looking at you like you just handed them an actual turd.

8) And Glitter: it’s so evil it needs mentioning twice. I may start a campaign to ban it from existence….

So, come on readers, enlighten me! How do you feel about Christmas crafting? Why do you love it? What am I missing!!!

Bah and humbug πŸ˜‰

Katy x
Katy Leitch, Editor

Here’s a sneak at this week’s amazing, exclusive Christmas projects from Lena Holmstrom, Deb Riddell and Mags Woodcock! Only at Mixed Up Creative!


  1. Julie

    Wow, so is it a no to doing the Christmas tag swap I invited you too??????

  2. Leslie

    I hear ya, sister!! I am not a Christmas crafter either; reason number seven alone sums me up, lol. And don’t get me started regarding glitter 😬. I do however welcome presents and gooey baked goods if anyone wants to send some my way. πŸ˜ƒ

  3. Mags

    I love Christmas (do you now hate me ? ) and to be honest I actually do trailer trash xmas ,glitter and over the top !. That being said, I do hate Xmas in June . When I made Xmas projects in June for the nameless company I truly was not inspired . So I do hear you on that one ,and as is often said ” it wouldn’t do if we were all the same ” x

    • katyleitch

      Nah I love you to bits! And Christmas would be pretty miserable if everyone was as grumpy as me!!!!!!!!

  4. Debs smith

    I hate Christmas crafting! I agree with almost everything you have said Katy. I think mine is down to making 100 Christmas cards each year for about 8 consequetive years! Their menat they had to be different from the year before and because of the amount needed to be simple ergo boring (in my eyes lol). The family would always expect special cards and would take hours to make each one. Trying to get the cards made as well as everything else makes for a very miserable crafter. So bah humbug from me too.

  5. Julie Short

    I hate the commercialism of the whole Christmas thing. I hate the falseness of it all. It’s not Merry for me, no matter how much I try to convince myself. There are too many ghosts lurking in the corners. Been there and done all that you spell out. The cards, the presents, the wrapping paper, the food, the endless shopping – all too hard. And over here it’s Summer….hot humid with destructive storms. Never built a snowman in my life!


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