All You Need is Love by Dawid Trzepizor

Feb 4, 2019 | Free Projects, Step-by-step tutorial

Awesome Guest Designer Dawid Trzepizor joins us today, from Poland! I spotted Dawid’s stunning projects in the Mixed Up Facebook Group and asked him to create something especially for us. He’s risen to the challenge beautifully, with this stunning altered CD project that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, and easy enough for a beginner to try out. All you need is love – and a selection gorgeous 13Arts products!

Dawid’s altered CD is perfect for mixed media beginners.

Sometimes we have days when we haven’t got any creative ideas: I have that all week. And then I found an old CD and decided to make a small decoration out of it. I used white gesso, added patterns from stencils, and created the central decoration from different embellishments.

In this project I’ve chosen pink colours and a Valentine’s theme. Onto the centre of the decoration I added a words from the famous Beatles song, which are perfect for my theme.


  • 13 Arts: White Gesso, Multipurpose Medium
  • 13 Arts Stencils: Amour, Blizzard of Hearts, Memories
  • 13 Arts Rainbow Color – Pink
  • 13 Arts Chalk Mist – Fuchsia, Dirty Pink
  • 13 Arts SPLASH! Ink – Pink, Black
  • Tim Holtz Idea-ology: Small Talk Chipboards, metal embellishments
  • Moulds
  • Creall Do & Dry (to make a embellishments from moulds)

Step-by-step instructions

1 I covered a CD with 3 or 4 layers of white gesso until I covered up all the print on the disc. I added a patterns from three different stencils using white gesso. I chose stencils with a love theme.

2 I prepared my embellishments. I always have more than I need, because I create my composition spontaneously. I covered my embellishments with white gesso.

3 I started to create my composition using multi medium (this dries slowly and allows me to change things as I work). I used a little bit of sisal and created layers with embellishments.

4 To add colour, I used a rainbow powders and mists in two shades of pink. First, I sprinkled with water and created a splashes and stains, then added more colour without water.

5 To finish I used acrylic ink Splash! in pink and black colours to create a few shiny small splashes on all the surface.

6 And the last step – I chose a sticker with words from the Beatles song All You Need is Love. I think it fits here well.

Meet the author

Dawid Trzepizor

Dawid Trzepizor

Dawid lives in small village in west part of Poland. He loves different kinds of handicrafts, but especially likes mixed media, because it allows him to be freely creative. He is part of 13 Arts Design Team.



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