Introducing… Mixed Up Creative Academy!

Feb 27, 2019 | News

Today I have a mega exciting announcement to make as we expand the Mixed Up brand and launch Mixed Up Creative Academy!

The Academy will host workshops and masterclasses by your favourite Resident Tutors, as well as some awesome Guest Tutors, all keen to share their skills and knowledge with you. We’ll be regularly rolling out new classes, at realistic, affordable prices (and members get a discount on many courses too!). Our courses include lifetime access and downloadable content so you can view the lessons offline.

The response so far has been so amazingly positive, with lots of happy customers! Hop over and see what all the fuss is about at

Happy learning!
Katy x

There’s something so romantic about a vintage project isn’t there? Old photos, worn textures, shabby faded blooms, crackled surfaces, and aged trinkets. Whether you want to make something meaningful with a family heirloom, capture past memories, or just evoke times gone by, this Themed Collection is for you! Ten timeworn projects, packed with inspiration.

Embossing powders, though often overlooked or unappreciated, are truly awesome things. In this workshop, presented mostly in real-time so you can easily follow along, we’ll explore several different ways to create incredible mixed media effects with ordinary embossing powders, using just two different colours of powder. Time will fly by in this fun mixed media workshop with Katy, which lasts approx 1 hour.

This Mini Masterclass is an homage to the humble yet mighty teabag! Us Brits are obsessed with tea – it’s basically the cure for all ills and a home without tea is a rare thing on this isle! But not only is tea an amazing elixir for the soul, it’s also a handy art supply that’s right there in your kitchen, and costs almost nothing! Join us for this Mini Masterclass where you’ll learn three ways to make tea part of your must-have crafting supplies with our fabulous classes. 


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